We COULD NOT have dreamed of anything even close to what this creative mind recently came up with for our branding revamp. She exceeded our expectations on every single level possible. With our whole heart, our whole being we could not recommend her enough. An absolute pleasure and a privilege to work with you Sharma.  From deep deep deep down inside our heart. THANK YOU.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Llama x Doe is the creative child born from a marriage of salt water and pom poms.  Originating from a sunburnt country where bitumen burns and flies tyrannise, Llama x Doe fervently honed illustration and graphic techniques in preparation for a grand adventure. From Mumbai to Monterosso and everywhere in between, Llama x Doe wanders to learn...

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The story The inspiration  A collection of unity; desiged with you and your people in mind. Different Shapes, Opposite Colours, creating 'Happy' of the greatest kind.  Oozing with love; we give you - your wearable vibeShouting with power, to #JOINLAHTRIBE    

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Every one is that little bit busier come December, to receive your order on time this christmas we recommend ordering well in advance.  Below you will find our 'CHRISTMAS CUT OFFs' for online ordersAny orders made after these dates... Unfortunately, may not arrive in time. AGAIN, we stress - please don't leave it until the last minute. Allow for that extra couple of days it may take.  6530 - Thursday 22nd December 2016Western Australia - Tuesday 20th December 2016Rest of Australia - Sunday 19th December 2016

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