Hi, I’m Lauren – an incurable daydreamer, and proud owner of many sweet teeth (one is just for amateurs!), and a dog named Sessil.

Bonus random fact: I’m super superstitious, but anything that contains the word ’super’ can only be.. super, right? So is 11.11 that I tend to see anywhere I go. 

I always have a ton of ideas in my head and a strong need to express my creativity. 
Could an office job have allowed me to do that? Maybe. Was I willing to give it a try? Not really. 

Instead, I completed a Jewellery Manufacture apprenticeship in 2010 and so began the search for my place in the art world. 

Luckily, I was in Melbourne. Being surrounded by street art is bound to inspire anyone, especially a sentimentalist like me. Art is about sharing a story with the world and I wanted to help people feel the joy of doing just that. There are many ways to tell a story–some choose words, others choose colours. 
I chose precious metals and this is how Lahcinta was born.

Oh and lastly.. what’s with the name? (if you were wondering)

In this case – love, or cinta, as it is in Indonesian. ‘Lah’ stands for my initials. 

Pronunciation instructions: [lah-sin-ta]said almost like whispering a secret {well kinda}  

Lahcinta | Jewellery & Design