What types of jewellery do you make?
We specialise in handmade, customised jewellery. This includes engagement and wedding rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings etc. 

What is storied design?
Storied design is the combination of your story and our design. You share a story, a dream, or a secret with us, and we then turn it into a unique ad personalised piece of jewellery. If you can imagine it – we can create it. You’re welcome to make an appointment with us to discuss your idea, completely obligation-free.

Where are your items made?
Each and every item is produced in our workshop in Geraldton, WA.

What materials do you use?
We use solid gold or sterling silver, as well as high-quality and ethically-sourced diamonds, precious stones, pearls, and coloured gemstones.

Are your items made of solid gold and silver, or are they plated?
All LAHCINTA jewellery is made of solid gold or sterling silver. In rare cases, we plate single components. We have a small collection of jewellery that we have sourced from a wholesaler, some of these pieces are plated. But this will/has been clearly communicated on the product page.

Is your jewellery nickel-free?
Yes, all Lahcinta jewellery is nickel-free and suitable for people with allergies and/or sensitive skin.

Are you diamonds and precious stones genuine and ethically sourced?
Yes, our diamonds, precious stones, and pearls are all sourced from local and legitimate dealers.

Sterling silver!! 
Over time it is natural for sterling silver to tarnish. Salty air, sunlight, water, humidity, skin acidity and various chemicals can rapidly speed up this process. To prevent tarnishing, silver should be kept absolutely dry. To clean silver, use a good quality silver jewellery cleaning cloth. Available on request 

How do I take care of my jewellery?
You can clean your jewellery with a soft, slightly damp cloth. For silver pieces, prepare a very mild solution of warm water and detergent (without bleaching agents) and soak for a minute. Dry with a soft piece of cloth. Cosmetics, perfume, and hairspray can discolour stones and metal – make sure to put on your jewellery last, after any chemical substances. Always store your jewellery pieces in a separate box or a bag to avoid scratching.

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for changes of mind or unsuitable purchases, including custom sizes or designs. Custom